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Code of Conduct

Our Background & Mission Statement

Alvarado Street Brewery was founded by father-son team John and J.C. Hill in March of 2014. What started as a neighborhood brewery restaurant in Downtown Monterey has evolved into three locations dedicated to serving Monterey county’s locals and visitors alike. Our production brewery & tasting room opened in the Spreckels Junction area of Salinas in 2016. In early 2018 we opened our R&D pilot brewery and bistro in Carmel-by-the-Sea, known as the “Stro.” We are committed first and foremost to the community we serve. Beer is a common thread that brings people together of all backgrounds and walks of life, and we welcome everyone through our doors. As an employer, we strive to ensure an equitable working environment that’s centered on inclusion and diversity. As a community partner, we engage with local nonprofits and environmentally focused organizations to be a great steward of the beautiful area we call home.

Our Values


EER - quality, fresh, and adventurous - it’s our core business and we do it with pride!


PBEAT - It has to be FUN - our beer, our food, our service, our work culture.


ESPECT - for each other and our differences, our colleagues in the industry, our guests, and the environment.


EOPLE - You are our family and we care about you, your health, your aspirations.


ONEST - We commit to honesty in all our business ethics and dealings.


BSESSIVE - Yes, we will obsess about the details until we get it right!


ROMISES - We believe in doing what we say we will do.


ERVICE - How we treat our guests and each other must be authentic and excellent.

Respect in the Workplace

Employees at all levels of the organization are required to conduct themselves in a respectful and professional manner at all times. Alvarado Street Brewery is committed to providing a work environment that is free of harassment, discrimination, and retaliation. The purpose of this code of conduct is to promote equal employment opportunity and to assist all persons in understanding their rights, duties, and obligations. At Alvarado Street Brewery we believe that all employees have the right to be treated with respect and dignity, and thus to work in an environment free from all forms of unlawful employment harassment, discrimination, and retaliation, including sexual harassment and harassment based on sex (including pregnancy, perceived pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, or related medical conditions), race, religion (including religious dress and grooming), religious creed, color, national origin or ancestry, physical or mental disability, legally protected medical condition, genetic information, marital status, registered domestic partner status, age, gender, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, military and veteran status, or any other basis protected by federal, state or local law or ordinance or regulation. This code of conduct applies to all persons involved in the operation of Alvarado Street Brewery and prohibits unlawful harassment, discrimination, and retaliation by any employee of Alvarado Street Brewery including shift managers and co-workers, and any third-party non-employees of Alvarado Street Brewery, including customers, guests, vendors, and independent contractors. This code of conduct prohibits unlawful harassment and discrimination in any form, including verbal, physical, and visual harassment. Alvarado Street Brewery prohibits abusive conduct in the workplace, which is conduct undertaken with malice that a reasonable person would find hostile, offensive, and unrelated to Alvarado Street Brewery’s legitimate business interests. Abusive conduct may include repeated infliction of verbal abuse, such as the use of derogatory remarks, insults, and epithets, verbal, or physical conduct that a reasonable person would find threatening, intimidating, or humiliating, or the gratuitous sabotage or undermining of a person’s work performance. This code of conduct forbids harassment and discrimination in the form of sexual favoritism, which occurs when individuals are qualified for, but are denied an employment opportunity or benefit because the person who received the employment opportunity or benefit submitted to sexual advances or requests. Favoritism or preferential treatment in the terms and conditions of employment based on sexual conduct, sexual attraction, appearance, and/or physical characteristics or attributes is also prohibited. This code of conduct also prohibits harassment and discrimination in the form of sex stereotyping. As used in this code of conduct, the term “sex stereotype” means an assumption about a person’s appearance or behavior, or about an individual’s ability or inability to perform certain kinds of work based on a myth, social expectation, or generalization about the individual’s sex. This code of conduct prohibits retaliation of any kind against individuals who file complaints or who assist in an investigation of a harassment, discrimination, or retaliation complaint.

Unlawful Harassment

Prohibited unlawful harassment includes, but is not limited to, the following behavior: Verbal conduct such as epithets, derogatory jokes or comments, slurs or unwanted sexual advances, invitations or comments based on a protected characteristic listed in this code of conduct. Visual conduct such as derogatory and/or sexually oriented posters, photography, cartoons, drawings, or gestures directed at an individual based on a protected characteristic listed in this code of conduct. Physical conduct such as assault, unwanted touching, blocking normal movement or interfering with work because of sex, race or any other protected characteristic listed in this code of conduct. Threats and demands to submit to sexual requests as a condition of continued employment, or to avoid some other loss, and offers of employment benefits in return for sexual favors. Bullying behavior defined as repeated infliction of verbal abuse, such as the use of derogatory remarks, insults, and epithets, verbal, or physical conduct that a reasonable person would find threatening, intimidating, or humiliating, or the gratuitous sabotage or undermining of a person’s work performance. Harassment also includes verbal, physical, and visual conduct that creates an intimidating, offensive, or hostile working environment or that interferes with an employee’s work performance.

Sexual Harassment

Sexually harassing conduct may be either “quid pro quo” or “hostile work environment” sexual harassment. “Quid pro quo” (Latin for “this for that”) sexual harassment is characterized by explicit or implicit conditioning of a job or promotion on an applicant or employee’s submission to sexual advances or other conduct based on sex. “Hostile work environment” sexual harassment occurs when unwelcome comments or conduct based on sex unreasonably interfere with an employee’s work performance or create an intimidating, hostile, or offensive work environment. Sexual harassment includes harassment of women by men, or men by women and same sex, gender-based harassment. Sexual harassment need not be motivated by sexual desire.

Reporting Harassment and Discrimination

If you believe that the comments, gestures, or conduct of any co-employee, shift manager, or any third party non-employee of Alvarado Street Brewery, including customers, guests, vendors, independent contractors, or others doing business with or for Alvarado Street Brewery is harassing, discriminatory, retaliatory, or constitutes misconduct under this code of conduct, you are required to immediately report the facts of the incident to your shift manager, Human Resources, and/or ownership either verbally, or in writing. Additionally, Alvarado Street Brewery has contracted with SafeHotline, an anonymous tip option for reporting incidents completely confidentially. Any manager, shift manager, or employee who receives a complaint or report of harassment, discrimination, or retaliation must immediately report such complaint to the Huamn Resources or Owner(s) so the complaint can be investigated in accordance with this code of conduct. Alvarado Street Brewery also encourages individuals who believe they are being discriminated against or harassed to notify the offender firmly and promptly that his or her behavior is unwelcome; however, employees are not required to talk to the offender, but the employee is required to report the incident immediately to his/her manager, Human Resources, or Owner(s).

Investigating Complaints

Upon notice of a complaint, Human Resources will conduct a prompt, objective, fair and thorough investigation of the complaint and provide all parties with appropriate due process. The complainant may be requested to provide a written complaint, to include details of the incident(s), name of individual(s) involved, and names of any witnesses, but a written complaint is not required. Managers will refer all harassment, discrimination, and retaliation complaints to the Human Resources Director or ownership. Alvarado Street Brewery will document and track the investigation to ensure reasonable progress. At the conclusion of its investigation, Alvarado Street Brewery will evaluate whether unlawful harassment, discrimination, or retaliation has occurred based on the evidence collected. Alvarado Street Brewery will look at the totality of the circumstances, including the nature of the conduct and the context in which it occurred, and will determine appropriate options for remedial actions and resolutions where necessary. If appropriate, Alvarado Street Brewery will, as promptly as possible, communicate its findings, including the remedial action (if any) to be taken, to the accused and to the complainant, and, when appropriate, to any other person who is directly concerned. Alvarado Street Brewery will keep the complaint and investigation confidential to the extent possible. If Alvarado Street Brewery determines that unlawful harassment, discrimination, or retaliation has occurred, effective remedial action will be taken in accordance with the circumstances involved. Any employee determined by Alvarado Street Brewery to be responsible for unlawful harassment, discrimination, or retaliation will be subject to appropriate disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment. Steps will be taken, as necessary, to prevent any further harassment, or retaliation. No individual will suffer any reprisals or retaliation for reporting or making a complaint or for participating in any investigation of incidents of harassment, discrimination, or retaliation, or perceived harassment, discrimination, or retaliation. Alvarado Street Brewery encourages all employees to report any incidents of harassment, discrimination, or retaliation forbidden by this code of conduct immediately so that complaints can be quickly and fairly resolved. Employees are also made aware that the Federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH) investigate and prosecute complaints of prohibited harassment, discrimination, and retaliation in employment. If an employee’s complaints are not addressed in a timely and appropriate manner or if they continue to be harassed, discriminated, or retaliated against, employees are provided information to file a complaint with the EEOC or DFEH.


Alvarado Street Brewery provides harassment prevention training to new employees within the first six months of hire and every two years thereafter. Managers also receive training on how to appropriately handle complaints of harassment and identify harassing and threatening behavior. Included in the Harassment Prevention training curriculum are sections on the following: Review the elements of sexual harassment Discuss other forms of unlawful harassment Consider strategies for preventing and responding to unlawful harassment Address concerns regarding abusive conduct in the workplace Review Bystander Intervention Principles Review the Customer Code of Conduct Introduce the Color Code of Conduct - how we deal with creepy customers

Color Code of Conduct

Alvarado Street Brewery is committed to providing a workplace and gathering place that is free from harassment. In an effort to curb harassment of employees by customers, Alvarado Street Brewery has implemented its own variation of the Color Code of Conduct. The Color Code of Conduct system was created by a group of female employees at Homeroom, a mac and cheese restaurant in Oakland. The CEO of Homeroom created Not On the Menu ( as a resource for other companies to implement the principles. Alvarado Street Brewery is not a mac and cheese restaurant, we are a brewery/pub which brings an added element of customer bad behavior when mixed with alcohol. We will continue to monitor and revise the program as needed. Since introducing this program, our employees have been very appreciative of our efforts to listen to their concerns, support, and protect them from mistreatment by customers.

Customer Code of Conduct (printed on our menus)

Welcome to Alvarado Street Brewery! Please keep in mind any behavior by guests that does not display respect for our amazing service professionals and/or other guests may lead to us asking you and your party to leave. Help us keep Alvarado Street Brewery a great place to gather and work.

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